Full Plastic Medium Drone Frame


Full Plastic Medium Drone Frame

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The drone comb frame was introduced as a non-chemical form for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to fight Varroa mites. Colonies instinctively build drone comb to maintain a healthy hive. Rotate frames in and out to manage Varroa mite levels. A bright green color makes it easy to identify drone frames. Simply remove the drone frames, scrape clean or freeze to kill and eliminate parasitic mites, and replace randomly.
Wax: Coated with natural bee’s wax
Material: food grade plastic
Fits 9-5/8″ Depth Supers
Great for Integrated Pest Managment (IPM) in the fight against parasitic honey bee mites
Excellent for queen rearing
No assembly required and super durable
Consistent and uniform cell depth (6.4 mm at the bottom and 6.6 mm at the mouth, inside dimensions) for increased production
Impervious to wax moths and rodents


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